An unexpected error occured, we've disconnected you form the bus

When I want to connect the Velbuslink program to my installation (via Signum), I keep running into this error: “An unexpected error occured, we’ve disconnected you form the bus”.
I tried all steps of the Velbus-troubleshooting manual, checked bus cabling, checked the terminators … but nothing helps :frowning:
Anyone an idea how to solve this?

@wimstorme ,

Can you tell us if this problem still exits? or is it solved?
If not, please send us an e-mail to , so we can help you further.

In addition to the problem description, also share the signum id no. in the e-mail.
ID number of signum can be found in the signum application on smartphone or tabled.
Also found on the signum module itself behind the plastic cover.

Best Regards,
Velbus Team