AND function with 703. Inhibit while initiator is open

Hi. I would appreciate some help / suggestions please. I am trying to aggregate all my Absence channels on VMBPIRCs and VMBGP4PIRs to provide a “Global Absence” to know when the house is unoccupied to turn heating to safe mode etc. I have used the AND function suggestion (2.3) in However, the subject (virtual channel) goes “ON” prematurely even when some of the Absence channels are in the released state.
I think this may be because there may a limit to the number of initiators for a given channel? I have a total of 15 initiators on that virtual channel - one as 104. Momentary (follow) and 14 as 703. Inhibit while initiator is open. I tried an aggregation set up for my living room where I have two VMBGP4PIRs and no VMBPIRC, with one as 104 and the other as 703, and that works fine, so it does make me think that there is a limit to the no. of subjects. I was considering having one virtual relay for upstairs and one for downstairs, and then combining them, but that means using 3 virtual relays instead of just 1. If there is indeed a limit, is it possible to have Velbuslink to provide a warning?
Thank you.

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There is a limit to the amount of actions can be added added to each channel.

I thought it was around the 30 actions mark, but I could be wrong.

I suspect this use case would be better off-loaded to a higher level logic engine.

Thanks Stuart. I am using the virtual channels on the VMB1RYS. I think it allows for 35 actions - perhaps it may be for all channels rather than each, so I think this may be the reason. The relay is being used to trigger my boiler and the other virtual channels being used for other things as well so certainly more than the 35 channels for the module as a whole.
I have got the aggregation functions working fine on openHAB and also using it to monitor individual channels, as I haven’t bothered to try and parse the log files. Shall have to try that next. I was hoping to use the virtual channels for the logic functions as it was a case of why not? I guess if Velbus can’t then obviously will have to do that with openHAB.
I have now split up the Absence aggregation into upstairs and downstairs. Upstairs seems to be working OK, but downstairs is still “inhibited” although all the relevant channels are “pressed”, and yes, one of them is 104.momentary and the others are 703.
Shall make further investigations…

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I have been testing for a while now. Looks like it was indeed a case of hitting the actions limit. A feature request to Velbus please - I think it may be a good idea to have some sort of indication on VelbusLink when the limit is hit?

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