ELO button. Ambient light base on sunrise/sunset


I would like to switch the ambient lighting on the switch on at sunset and back off at sunrise.
Anyone did this before? Any tips on how this can be achieved?

It’s not possible to have different actions on a switch but well on a dimmer!
Using 2 virtual relays will do what you want puting them between your switch and your light (dimmer). With program steps on a switch device (input device) force on the first virtual relay at sunset and force off the second virtual relay. Reverse this action at sunrise. Then add an action from one virtual relay to dim at 50% and also an action to dim at 100% on the other virtual relay. And then toogle inhibit the dimmer channel of the light with a button. I think this will work, have to try !

I am talking about the ambient light on the push buttons itself. Seems logic that this would be used a night lights

Not possible to do that !

There are actually multiple of ways to do this;

If you have program steps on sunrise and sunset, you can use it on two separate buttons and configure them both with the action ‘1707. Set ambient lighting color’, one which turns off the light at sunrise, and the other one which turns it on at sunset.

You could also use ‘1708. Set ambient lighting color while initiator is closed’ or ‘1709. Set ambient lighting color while initiator is open’ together with an initiator that closes/opens on sunrise or sunset.

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ok so I create an action on the push buttons ? Somewhere on the buttons in the back? which are unused?

can you give an example? Or a screenshot?

Sure using program steps sunrise&sunset;

First, you create a ‘1708. Set ambient lighting color while initiator is closed’ action on a free pushbutton (in this example PB31 on the same VMBELO), choosing the color and sides you want;

Next you create two program steps as follows

One ‘Short press without release’ at sunset (so that initiator becomes CLOSED, and enables edge lighting)
One ‘Release’ at sunrise (so that initiator becomes RELEASED, and disables edge lighting)

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Thanks, I am going to try that