Feedback lights - without configuring it

I have a VMB1BLS configured on an VMBGP - one button has action 114. Up/Down configured and there is no feedback to the LED of that button configured.

When I press the button, the indicator light of the button flickers on/off (which is ok) but as soon as the curtains are closed - the indicator light stays on… continuously… and goes off only if the curtain is fully open…

eeeuh … why ?

That’s the automatic LED feedback status.

If you don’t want any LED activity, just choose the LED activity in the configuration section of the glass panel for that channel

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yups found it … now the blinking doesnt work either… but thats better than the light constantly on when the curtain is closed…

for future reference, setting the feedback mode to monitoring allows for a custom (or non) monitoring action on that LED