Garden lights - automation

I have 2 sets of garden lights… one is for all-round plant illumination, the other is the patio lights around the house…

Ideally what I want to do is the following:

  • When PIRO >200 - Dark gets activated and Lights1 goes online
  1. under normal circumstances at 11pm these lights switch off
  2. when the patio lights are on - Lights1 stay on -
  3. until I manually disable the patio lights (used for when we use the garden in the evening hours and stay out beyond 23:00)


I now configured it as:

  • PIRO DARK - switches LIGHTS1 - ON
  • an input button sends LIGHTS1 - OFF = programmed at 11pm every day
  • LIGHTS1 has a “follow” action from PATIO

But I’m not sure this is it yet…

[EDIT] seems a ForcedOn while initiator is closed on PATIO->LIGHTS1 worked