GPOD buttons not responding

Hi, I’m back, this time with a behaviour I don’t understand:

  • I have the same set of instructions (commands) copied to 2 distinct GPOD
  • when operating the buttons on the GPOD, the commands don’t work and no feedback led’s react (on both of the GPOD)
  • when simulating the very same instruction on Velbuslink (button operate) it works and feedback leds on the GPOD respond correctly

What can be causing this?
Thanks for your support.

Can you do a complete re-write of the affected / involved modules, then try again?

Thanks for the prompt reply. By complete re-write you mean clear involved modules and redo all commands on them, or just those not responding? Thanks

Oh no, nothing that drastic.

Just click on Sync as normal, just select the modules that you know are involved in the issue you are talking about.

Un-Tick the “only write changes” button

then click on Write.

This will cause all the selected modules to have their configuration wiped and re-written as per your project.

I have seen that sometimes, after lots of small amendments, some modules get a bit lost, so by performing a “Full write” you clear any strange issues.

If… the issue persists after this, then you know to go digging deeper.

Got it MDAR, thanks for your time. I’ll let you know how it went.

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