Inhibit / forced off

hi everyone,

I wanted to make a “maintenance” button for the AC’s… meaning… if they are “on” now… they should go immediately in OFF state. (we are talking 5 channels per AC).

Now, normally you would do a FORCED OFF… but then if the AC gives the queue for “demand” it would be ignored even after we cancel the forced off - so the AC would never come to life again

So I went for the inhibit - which would still see the “demand” but it would not switch off - so i added the OFF as well (fans with delay to get rid of excessive cooling) …

but… what if the AC was on (at the time I set it to maintenance mode) and now I return to normal mode… it would still ignore the previous demand from the thermostat and it would not receive a new “on” command…

what would be required to essentially “keep” the previous state before I shut it down… so I can resume afterward - or can I instruct the thermostats to re-send their current state?

(a virtual relay could help, but as said… its 5 channels per AC - so we are talking 20 virtual channels then…)

I think this would be fairly easy to achieve with NodeRed, either directly with the Velbus palette or via openHAB Items.

“I think” what your asking for is a way to ‘snapshot’ the status of relays and park those values in an array or series of system variables.

And when you remove the maintenance mode, restore the states based on the system variables.

Why you don’t put the AC thermostats into Safe mode first before you lockout the relays, then release the lock and set the thermostats to your preferred mode is a mystery to me.

It’s what you have to do with heating systems to restore the status quo after a thinkering session.

I would normally isolate the heat / cooling source, put all the thermostats into a demand state, followed by a satisfied state.
Enable the heat / cooling source and set the thermostats to the preferred modes / targets.

Or just hit the big red switch and kill the power to everything.