Link between Velserver & Openhab

You have to scan for new modules and get the status of all modules and channels.
To do so, you have to browse to http://localhost/velserver
Replace localhost with the IP of the PI if you do this from an on other computer on your network.

I can also take over your computer with teamviewer if you want…


Hi Stef,

The scan was successful and I was able to generate the sitemap, so that’s working.
TeamViewer seems like a fantastic idea.
Let’s continue in PM

Best regards,

Good morning,
Just a little feedback.
Stef Coene helped me instantly, and made the following changes in particular:

  • Because I am working with and not Apache, he changed the localhost link in openHAB.cfg to http://localhost/service
  • He changed the method to update the status: instead of continuously polling, it is now organised from Crontab.

Many thanks, it works stunningly well. It even supports simulating button presses for light scenes that are now only kept in 1 place: Velbus itself. Keep up the good work!

best regards