Swipe up / down on wall panels for dimmer

I was wondering if any new GP series would be released where the glass panels can also be used for dim up/down on a single swipe stroke…

currently dimming is a bit of a thing - where you press and hold… or press, wait press hold…

I was thinking that if you could just swipe up /down on a particular button could automatically dim up or down that would be way more intuitive…


Why not ask for a rotary option?

because thats ugly :wink:


I would have thought that circling your finger around a panel would be quite pleasant :o:

Yeah dimming is a pain currently.

With separate buttons for dimming up, multi-step clicks, or holding.

I agree something needs to be improved with swipe up/down would be amazing using firmware update if possible.

Even RGBW led strips controlling and selecting colour is a real pain using buttons for each colour to turn mix it, a colour selector would be amazing.

Maybe could do it on OpenHab or HomeAssistant, but not tried yet, but being able to do on actual wall panel would be amazing.

That’s incredibly easy, if you want to.

Just asking for a colour via a voice command is very easy.

I’m not sure we’ll see swiping any time soon, but Velbus V2.0 panels might offer something in the future.