Thermostat weird stuff

I’ve been seeing some strange things with the VMBELO thermostats… where in some cases the BOOST channel stays on (and sometimes the cooling channel too) when flipping through setpoint temperature quickly (which happens if someone switches between the I II and III cooling modes)…

In the picture below, the desired temperature has almost been reached, but booster stays enabled

in this picture the setpoint temperature (+ hysteresis) has been reached. Cooling channel is released but booster is still active

This causes the room to further decrease in temperature as the booster channel does not release…

even when the setpoint temperature is set way higher than the 3C difference… the booster channel stays active

VMBELO firmware 2047

On the VMBGP series the booster disengages with a 2.5C difference (on 0.5 hysteresis)

Dear @RCZ

Can you give us feedback about the solution below, if problem is solved with this or not?

Can you change the "Min switching time to 1sec. (see picture below).
This in the configuration settings of VMBELO, where the problem “booster channel stuck” occurs.
Possibly after adjustment, this will solve your problem.

Best regards,
Velbus Team

hi - this indeed seemed to solve it …

would be great if we could have another channel (or boost to be configurable) for boosting cooling … (fan control)

or a separate mode (HEAT/COOL/FAN) for fan mode only - where the cooler channel stays disabled - but fan speed can be set with I / II / III