Hi guys

I want a wall mounted touchscreen for my OpenHAB-Velbus installation…
I was thinking something like a RPi-like touchscreen (link)
Anybody has any experience wih this? (I’m thinking maybe @MDAR ?)
I’m not a fan of a tablet, because it has a battery and is powered with a usb-cable, which is hard to “make dissapear”



You’ve got lots and lots of options.

A good solution is a PoE powered android tablet and run HabPanelViewer as the home screen.

Or a PoE Android tablet with a web browser as an auto start to load your BasicUI (or whatever else)

The advantage of these is that the LAN socket is normally on the back.


Do you have any recommendations?

I’ve Googled around a bit for PoE Android tablet, but either I have to pay like 4-500 EUR for something in Europe, or there’s the Aliexpress of Alibaba tablets, which I’m not sure if I can trust Chinese stuff… (I know, nowadays everything comes from China, but still…)

Also, Android version 4, or 8. I think 10 would be a minimum. (but, I suppose that brings the price up :thinking: ) And what about updates?

On the other hand, maybe I don’t need the latest en fanciest tablet, it’s only for my BasicUI, and I would block all traffic from/to WAN

Tough choice :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: