Velbuslink crash bug with 10.9.3

Steps to reproduce :-

Load large project .vlp
Open one node (a VMBDMI in my case) halfway down the Project Navigation
Quick connect

Scan stops halfway through. Everything locks up. Then eventually a “Failed to respond” message from Windows inviting me to close the app.

This does not happen if I make sure there are no expanded nodes when I connect.

Apart from that 10.9.3 is a big improvement. Status update immediately on expansion of a node makes it feel much more responsive. And I have not seen the ghost floating shadow boxes with this one.


  • Andy
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Great to hear from you Andy.

Are you connecting directly to a USB port or via a TCP Gateway?

And you too! Good to see you here.
I am pleased to be able to report that all my long CAT5 cable runs that I was worried about have worked just fine.

Currently connecting via Velserv (on a PiZero), just using it as a WiFi gateway.
All my main velbus nodes are on rails in the loft so Velserv makes it a lot easier to be able to walk around downstairs with a laptop to try things out and see the results.

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Velserv (on PiZero) for WiFi gateway, is not software we provide. So we cannot provide support on this.

If you work with long UTP cables, it is important that the terminator is placed correctly.
Please refer to troubleshooting guide and hardware installation guide..

Check also first if problem occours when connecting directy to USB port (VMBRSUSB) in stead of TCP gateway or via Wifi gateway (RPi) Velserv.

Best Regards,
Velbus Team

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I can confirm now that it DOES NOT happen if using a direct USB connection.

Oh well, I can workaround. Velserv is too convenient to not-use.

My terminators (just two, one 120R at each end) are good. No comms errors normally.


  • Andy
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