VMB4AN analog output controlled by softawre

More and more devices in a house are controllable with a 0…10v signal. : CMV, valves, heating circulator, water pump, lights …
The VMB4AN has 4 analog outputs (reserved!?) and 4 push buttons associated. Are those outputs part of a VMB4DC hardware? How is it possible to activate them via software?
Four push buttons on the VMB4AN are used to send 10V to the analog outputs and to control a 0…10v device such a VMB2LEDDC but not possible to control them with Velbuslink.
Also 4 “Analog Out” are present in the sensor part of the Homecenter. I’ve tried to associate one of these analog outputs with a “logic function” of the Homecenter without any result !
Is there anything under software development to make this device a “real” analog device proud of its price?

The VMB4AN firmware does not contain code at this moment to control the outputs.

The outputs do respond to commands however, that can be found in the protocol manuals on Github. So advanced users can create custom server solutions using these outputs.

For the regular user, this will be implemented in the Signum, which will handle the necessary intelligence for meaningful connections between inputs and outputs of all sorts, and provide a user-friendly interface. When this will be implemented exactly is not yet fixed.