VMB4RYNO usage with 2 different 16A fused circuits


I have a velbus VMB4RYNO module.

Relais 1 and relais 2 are connected to room lighting inside my house, this circuit is secured by a 16A fuse. (Fuse A)

Relais 3 and relais 4 are not in use for the moment but I have installed lighting in my garden which I would like to connect to these empty Relais.

My question:
Am I allowed to use relais 3 and 4 with power coming from another fuse then fuse A?
Reason why is that the chance I’ll have a short on the circuit in my garden is much bigger, if it’s on a separate fuse then there is no direct problem with other lighting than those in the garden.

Many thanks for your help.

Grt, Jan

Good morning

Schematically, there’s no issue at all.

Your local electrical regulations may have rules to abide by.

For example, you might only need to mark the device as having 2 points of mains power isolation.

Or you might have to off load the outdoor circuits to segregated interrupters / contactors.

Velbus answer… Sure, it’ll work

Electrical answer… Seek local advice

Thanks for your quick reply.
Good to know that the module has the capability to do this.
I’ll check with my electrician if there are any other doubts.


Grt, Jan

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I asume your located in Belgium. According AREI this is allowed. I’ve done this and my installation had been checken by notified body.

Basically you use the contact as a switch in your circuit, hence you can use different power source for each.

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same here i use this here at home (to control some pumps for the pool) and it is allowed

I am located in Belgium. Thanks you for the info.
My electricity has already been checked, it is a modification that I want to do in the near future.
Good to know that it has been approved before.

Grt, Jan