2 failty dimmers VMB1DM in 2 months


I have my Velbus installation for 4 year now. I’m happy with it - as long as all dimmers are still working … that is :-S

I already had a faulty dimmer 1 year ago. Velleman asked me to send it over, they found the problem and I got a new one for free (I received the new VMBDME version in place).

Now I have again 2 faulty VMB1DM dimmers! The first one started doing strange 3 months ago: the halogen lamps started flickering a very little bit - almost unnoticeable. But the flickering kept on increasing and now it flickers for a few seconds and then goes off completely.
The load: 2 x 50W-220V halogen lamps. I already tried a factory reset but no help with that.

  • Velleman, what can I do to solve this?

Then, a few weeks ago, an other VMB1DM dimmer, all of a sudden can not be put off anymore. It stays at 100% and there’s no way to put it off again. Also not with the physical button on the dimmer.
Load: 4 x 50W/12V halgens, powered by a 300W/230V dimmable transfo (image: plus.google.com/u/0/10202800384 … LdXNzbcZhP).

  • Velleman, what can I do to solve this?

I can see that the VMB1DM is not sold anymore. Is this because it has too many faults? I have still 2 other (still working) VMB1DM’s. Will they break also?

I hope someone can give me some assistance here.


Sorry, there is nothing the user can do to solve this problem.
We’d recommend to return the units for inspection/repair/exchange.

[quote=“VEL417”]Sorry, there is nothing the user can do to solve this problem.
We’d recommend to return the units for inspection/repair/exchange.[/quote]

Thanks for the input. To what post address can I send them?


Your Velbus distributor or:

Velleman Projects Tech. Dept.
Legen Heirweg 33
9890 Gavere

The dimmers are sent to the address above. It should arrive today or tomorrow.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to ask. I included my email with the package.

Thanks a lot,

I received and installed my 2 new VMBDMI modules.

One is working as it should.

But the second one is acting weird:
The load (2 x 50W-220V halogen lights) on the dimmer keeps on going on and off (3 secs on, 3 secs off) as soon as I powered up the module. So no actions are added to it yet, just factory defaults.
Adding actions to it works, but has no effect: they don’t work and the on/off cycle keeps on going. The actions do trigger the OUT LED as it should but the load does not respond and just keeps on going on and out each 3 seconds.
In VelbusLink I can’t see any logging of suspicious actions. The OUT LED on the module does not react to the on/off cycle.

This really looks like a faulty module … again :-S

Any ideas?


Some more info:
Even the switch on the module itself does not work. It does switch the OUT LED, but not the load.


Looks like the dimmer cycles in protection mode.
At this time, we have no clue what might be the reason for this behavior.
Please check your email, we have requested so extra info.

Thanks Velleman for replacing the faulty dimmer once again.
I really appreciate your very correct handling in this.



I have absolutely the same problem described above. Can be my modules changed out?