Is it possible to have 2 VMBRSUSB modules on 1 Velbus system?
Because i noticed that you can only use 1 of the connections at the same time.
So when i want to start configuring my Velbus-system via The RS32 remote port,
i have to unplug my VMBHIS ( Home center ) from the USB-port?



I don’t know what the official line on the subject is…

But I have 3 x VMB1USB on my house network right now, I’m hoping to add a VMBRSUSB next week, as I want to experiment with an RS232 connection too.

Please let us know how you get on.



My test rig has more VMB1USB modules than there are modules, so it is possible. In your case, the RS232 side of the VMBRSUSB must be connected to a real serial port (if you want to use RS232), and you can’t use the USB and RS232 connections of a VMBRSUSB at the same time. Those are the important things to note.

For example:

  • If you have multiple VMB1USB modules which are all connected to something, this will work.
  • If you have your VMBHIS connected to the USB port of your VMBRSUSB, and you also want to connect your computer to the RS232 port of your VMBRSUSB, then this will not work.
  • You can have multiple VMBRSUSB, if you connect only one port per VMBRSUSB to something. You’ll have to choose which port you want to use, USB or RS232.

OK thx, for the quick reply!

Your answer is very clear to me;
If i ad 2 VMBRSUSB modules to my Velbus system, i can use my home center interface simultaneously
with a RS32 remote connection in my office.