A box for placo for VMB4PD

I can’t use the vmbbox for the velbus VMB4PD. I’m looking for a box i could use for this. Did somebody give me a reference i can use on France. May be on Bticino, Legrand or Hager.
Thank u by advance.

In my case, I’ve bought BTicino box : form is okay but fixation grips are strange (nothing to screw but pull a plastic).
I’ve choose two models :
3 modules for simple VMB4PD
4 modules for VMB4PD + VMB1TS

In room where I need only VMT1TS, I’ve only bought BTicino cache (not the box, classical are enough)

En gros, la fixation au placo ne se fait pas avec deux crochets à chaque extrémité à visser mais deux languettes plastiques à tirer (un peu comme les serre-cables en plastiques)