Access to the port 'COM32' is denied

I receive this error when the VelbusLink tool is running and connected and when I try to run the C# sample called “DemoBasic”.

So I can only connect once to the usb port …

What’s the workaround to run both the Velbuslink (in order to log the bus traffic) and my own test program?

Does anyone has already written velbus software and want this to share? It would be nice to learn from each other or even make a nice library. May be Velleman can help here also?

thank you,

Serial ports can not be shared, only one application can be using it.

Just thought to bypass this restriction by running Velbuslink in server mode.
I suppose all velbus traffic can then be done using a socket client?

This scenario enables me to use Velbuslink (acting as a server) and synchroniously I can start my own-written client(s).

Any demo code about this?

I’m more experienced with Flash/Flex programming, so I will try to test this by creating a Flex Socket client …

That’s a good idea. You could use our VelbusLib.NET library, or try making something in Flex.

I did some tests writing a Flex socket connection tool: this seems to work nice and stable, so I am able to send/receive velbus commands from any pc/phone/pda that can handle flash 9 files: Looks cool to me :slight_smile:

This is just proof of concept - now the real work starts: porting all low-level C# classes to flash-AS3 classes … I’m rather busy right now, but once I have some progress I’ll post my findings :wink:

Please do. Good luck!