Added functionality in one button?

I have bought a Velbus system now, but I have some questions regarding the Velbus Link software.

Can I customize how a button needs to be presses (different actions for long and short press), I can see that there are some predefined actions, but can I make my own?

Are you able to get some ‘logic gate’ functionality, without using the homecenter (I have one, but there is no access to the internet here)?

Yes, you can.
Concerning push buttons (like VMB8PBU), you can find information in this FAQ: “Combining multiple functions in one push button”.
Concerning the glass panels, you can configure this as follows:

  • right-click on module, choose “Configure module”
  • click on tab “Mode” (in section “Touch panel”)
  • buttons are by default configured in “single” mode. If you doubleclick the word “Single”, a window will pop-up with possibilities for “dual” or “multi” mode (it’s all explained in the window itself). To use the same button for short and long press, you put it in “dual” mode, and set the “long press button” to a virtual button. Long pressing the button will then activate the virtual button.

No, you can’t. But you should be able to do about anything you want using combinations of predefined actions.

Yes. You can use virtual relays for this as intermediaries.

Thank you very much.

I recentely bought the HomeCenter kit, so I connected it to my Velbus System and to the internet, then to my main power. But when I try to search for my own HomeCenter on the PC Applet, i can’t seem to find it. How can I fix this problem?

This should get you on track:

Thank you very much for your help, I hope this manual will do the trick.