Alarm stystzm intgration via rs485/ip and home center

As a professional alarm installer i’m looking into offering a neat integration with our alarm panels and the vembussystem (prefered in bi-directional).

As far as the alarm system goes, i have an open source RS485 protocol. All commands and statusses are known. I would like to convert to ip using an RS485 ip converter (already used to integrate in KNX system).

Here comes the tricky part. Is it possible to intercept the status strings and send out the commands to the alarm system via the home center? If so, is the home center already equiped with some kind of config tool to do so?

Basicaly this is the same as is done with the sonos system.

Thanks in advance for any helpfull hints!


Did you see that there is also an English language forum?

Regarding HomeCenter, you might be better talking to Emmanuel directly.

Alternatively, (or as well as) have you looked at the OpenRemote platform?

If you search this Velbus forum, you’ll find a number of other GUI options for Velbus that may well be interested in integrating with you building alarm.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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