"Alles Aan" with condition


On the backdoor i have a read-switch that will be activated when the door opens. I will do the following:
When the “alles uit” is activated ( AND it is sunset – can be an additional candition) then “alles aan” should be activated.

Is this possible and (yes?) how it is done?



Hi Herman,

Can you add a little more meat to your question please.

What is the switch doing?
Is it monitoring the door position? Or is it simply a switch that someone can operate?

Regarding the “All In” and “All Out” function, what exactly do you mean?

Good luck


I’ts a magnetic read-switch fixed on the back-door and electrically connected to an input from a VMB7IN pin 2, this pin is configured as a N/C (normal closed).
What is will do:

When i go to bed (after sunset) i push on one of the buttons in the bedroom for 3 seconds, at that moment i generate an “alles uit” macro. So all the lights on the level-0 (gelijkvloers) will be off. When someone (a burglar) will now be enter via the back-door all lights in the whole house should be go on.

So the conditions for this action should be: (sunset – not nessesary) at least, Button “bedroom” pushed for 3 seconds (= “Alles uit” macro).

I hope i’ts clear now.



I understand now.

There are lots of ways you can achieve this.

The big question is…

Do you have any use for the button during the day?

Assuming you don’t… There is a really easy solution you could use.

You could program some actions to the door switch that switched on whatever you want when the door is opened.

All you have to do is enable and disable the switches channel in the VMB7IN in line with your other needs.

If you have an output of a building alarm that shows the alarm set state, you could use that to enable the switch.

If you just want to manually enable or disable the switch with your upstairs glass panel, you just need to set an action between the two buttons.

When you’re selecting the subject of the action, tick the ‘Inputs’ box at the bottom of the pop up box.

Then find the channel of the VMB7IN that your switch is connected to.

Does that help?


I can indeed add the “enable” function to the VMB7IN port 2 when the “alles aan” button is pushed, but i don’t find the method to disable this function automatically by sunrise even when i don’t push any button.
I can “disable” it when i push a button but is it possible to disable it without touching a button?




That’s easy enough.

You can set an event in the timer in the VMB7IN that disables the button based on Sunrise, a specific time or a variable alarm time.

Just remember to activate the program group :slight_smile:


can you send me a screenshot of what you mean, (or export a small example and post it here) i’ts not clear to me how to activate a program without pushing a button.



I can do that…

This image is of the program steps tab in the configuration panel of a VMB7IN.

You’ll see that I’ve set Channel 6 to Lock (Disable) an hour after Sunrise.
(I think the confusion was that I was calling it “Disable”, rather than “Lock”, which is because in other modules this feature is referred to as “Enable” and “Disable”)

To double check that the correct program group is active at any time, you can simply select any channel of the module you want to check and right click to see the “operate” option.

This will produce a pop-up like this, where you can select the active program group for the whole module.

You’ll also be able to see if the channel in question is currently locked and that it’s program steps will be used.

Does that make it clearer?

A picture paints a thousand words :slight_smile:

Good luck

Which reminds me…

Some other confusion might be that sometimes “Program Group 1” is referred to as “Winter”, “Program Group 2” as “Summer” and “Program group 3” as “Holiday”

Thanks for the pictures,
I’ts more clear now and i will test it.



How did you get on?

The installation will be operative very soon. I do the setup and test then, but i’ts clear now how i can do it.