An Irrigation System - in Velbus

Hey everyone,

This is my script for a custom sprinkler system for Velbus/OpenHab… in short what it will do in a full sequence:

Open Valve 1 (channel 1)
Start Motor (channel 4)
Wait x seconds
Open Valve 2 (channel 2)
Close Valve 1 (channel 1) - valve 2 is opened first to avoid pressure build while pump is running
close motor
wait a few seconds
close last valve (3 channel 3) (valve is closed after the motor to avoid pressure build in the system)

There is also a manual start procedure

Activating a single valve - will trigger the motor to run for x amount of seconds
Activating valve 1 and 2 (within 2 seconds) will initiate a full sequence run

On system startup - all valves and motor will be shutdown
On regular checks - all valves and motor are checked and if running (without permission) will be shutdown

sprinkers-new.log (8.5 KB)