Any good solutions for a sounder/alarm/notification?

I have arranged for our external post-box to be able to generate velbus events.

(433MHz radio TX from ebay in the post-box, and a little home-made arduino radio module with 8 outputs directly connected to a VMB8PBU connected to my velbus in the loft). I thought 8 radio channels from arbitrary things that can be set to make velbus events would be useful. There are also some very cheap battery operated PIR-detector with 433MHz transmitter that I think should work well with this.

So… now what to do with this inside the house? I could just have the arduino send another radio signal to an off-the-shelf cheap doorbell module but it would be nice to use the velbus.

I am thinking a simple “Bing Bong” sound, or something like that, inside the house might be good.
Maybe I should just make something but I thought I should check first… Is there an already existing “Box” that can respond to velbus or radio triggers and make different sounds.

Excellent question.

One that I faced in my own home.

I have a long thin house and needed multiple door bells / Sounders. (As we never find hear one from everywhere.)

When I pulled in the Velbus cable, I also pulled in a very simple 2-pair cable, not knowing what I’d do with it.

As it happens, I hooked up one end to a Velbus relay and switched 12V to it.

Wherever I wanted a doorbell / sounder, I grabbed the Velbus Gnd and the 12V switched feed.

I was very lucky and found some tiny fully programmable Sounders, that can store up to 30sec of audio.

They work incredibly well, but they’ve been discontinued :cry:

If they ever fail, I’ll go looking for another type or have to resort to any 12V sounder or doorbell that I can find / like.

Is there a Velbus compatible doorbell?
No, but I have been asking for a VMBOEM module for years and years.

The best we have now is the VMB1RYS

1 relay & 1 input

A brilliant like box

There is a tiny hint of a rumour…

That the new VMB6PB-20 might evolve into something rather special… :wink:

I’ve just found this for £10

Not a “music player” like the ones I have (for the same price) but could play a sequence?

Or this open PCB, which would need a speaker and amp

This is closer…
But still an open PCB, at least it comes with a small speaker