[Article] Who is using Velbus ? Qui utilise Velbus

Here is a link (in french) from Belgium :
elektricien-electricien.be/D … N01&lang=f

Another link from a french school (LPR Mendes France, location : Veynes (05))

And another link : A4
a4.fr/banc-dessai-domotique- … _1229.html

Ho, a last link : seems to be from Electronic-Magazine N°100 - 2007
genie-electronique.blogspot.com/ … elbus.html

you can see a video at Batibouw

A video from a guy on this forum I guess (GertStalp) :

nice applications !

I’m having fun with the velbus protocol.
Using some modules with a parallax propeller.
This movie shows a setup with an IR remote controller and a dimmer.

And this one testing the circuit