Audio Control - Yamaha Zone 2

My Yamaha has multiple zones - and my dining is connected to Zone2 - as there is no amplifier or remote control there, I managed to get the Velbus controls working icw OpenHab (with a little help from MDAR).

So, now I can:

  • power-on (and copy input from Main zone)
  • Volume Up / Down / Mute
  • copy the song title from MAIN zone if Zone2 is N/A (copying input from main) or show title from Zone2 (if input is set manually to something different via mobile app)

(rename to .rules)
RadioRules.log (3.5 KB)


Ha ha

“A little help” :laughing:

Seriously, great work.

I love seeing what people do to push the envelope of Velbus

v2 - with light feeback for power and mute

and “morning startup sequence” - initializing the amp, setting a default volume and loading a radio station from the favorites list" … just a simple click in the morning…
RadioRules.log (6.0 KB)

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FYI this is something my brother has been working on, Yamaha MusicCast binding
→ GitHub link
→ Openhab community from where he started

This is my playground in basic UI:


Thanks for sharing:)