Audio control

I have a smart home project and I have used the Velbus devices for controlling the lighting and the HVAC and blinds systems, now I want to give a solution for its audio control system, could you please help me to do it using Velbus devices and Sonos speakers? Do you have any idea for its amplifier?


I think you need to go looking at UI software, as a protocol translator.

So that events within Velbus cause actions within different systems.

Have you searched for…




Home assistant


Thanks for your prompt reply.
I have worked with homecenter in other projects but I have not used it for Sonos speakers actually I don’t know how these speakers link to it and what are the Infrastructure and equipment required in addition to the speakers and the homecenter (VMBHIS)?


I haven’t tried HomeCenter recently and I know that there has been a ‘breaking’ update with Sonos, so I’m really not sure how the two would work together.

I do wish you good luck.


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Nomally it is sufficient that the Home Center and Sonos devices are on the same network. Home Center will find them and make them available for use in logic rules.
You then have to make logic rules to change volume etc. on your Sonos devices, using a Velbus channel as initiator. You can find some examples in Home Center’s “Logic Guide” (which you can find in Home Center > Settings > Downloads).

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Thank you very much.