Audio volume control with Velbus (solution needed)

has anyone found a solution to smoothly control audio volume ? The idea is to have a multi-room (8-stereo channels) audio amp centrally driving speakers in 8 rooms where the volume should be regulated individually in the room through the LCD panel.
The idea is to have only the LCD panel in the room and no additional multi-room audio system. Audio source selection could be done through VMB4RY but volume should act like a dimmer rather than switching.


you can use a vmb4dcmodule.
It gives a 0 to 10V output.
There are amplifiers that can be controlled by a 0 to 10V signal.

hope this will help.



I am developing such a device.
I’m still searching for the best way to control this custom module with velbus. (how you can link buttons to actions and have volume setting feedback)
If you are interrested you can contact me through email.


MK163 is a two button electronic volume control.
Buttons can be replaced with relay contacts.

the idea is to control the output (speaker side) rather than the input. The reason for this is that one doesn’t always have access to the source signal, eg if an amplifier has an integrated, built-in internet radio, mp3-player, ipod docking it is then impossible to put anything in between the source and the power amplifier.

we have such an amplifier with all built-in and with multiple output zones (Onkyo) which works great and can be distributed through a resistor-network control box from ArtSound SVC4 and SVC6, but the output control is then centralised in the ArtSound box.

A similar solution, but then distributely controlled through Velbus is the thing we’re looking for.

Controlling the speaker output is not done, because it would waste a lot of energy and because it required bulky components.
The amp must be running at full output all the time, and you would need hi-power potentiometers to convert the excess power into heat…
A better solution would be to convert the speaker level to a low-impedance line level and distribute it to each room, where it is amplified again by a small amplifier with adjustable gain.

What model of Onkyo do you have?
Doesn’t it have line out for the different zones?