Auto-send of temperature

My setup is as follows: velbus -> velserv -> velserver -> openhab -> influxdb -> grafana
Using velbuslink 10.2.1

I have setup all my button modules to auto-send the temperature every time it changes. While I have velbuslink open on my pc, this works as intended: I’m seeing every 0.07°C change reflected in the grafana graphs.

However, once I close velbuslink, it seems to only send the temperatures every 0.5°C change. I tried setting the hysteresis to 0 in the adjustments panel, but the behaviour stays the same.

Is velbuslink somehow making the modules publish their temperatures on the bus more often? Is there a way to really get every little change in temperature as the “every time it changes” setting implies?

As a side note, currently the temperatures in grafana are 21.1 and 21.6 degrees, so the graphs look really ugly because of the 0.1 degree offset. I would love to have every little change published on the bus so the graphs are nice and smooth.


That’s true. VelbusLink sends temperature requests (command type: E5) to the module every 10 seconds when the module is expanded in the tree view. Those requests are being answered with a sensor temperature response (command type: E6). This is a packet that sends the temperature with a precision of 0.0625 °C. To prevent much traffic on the bus, the “everytime it changes” autosend option uses a precision of 0.5 °C as a change. You can try to change the autosend to an interval of 10 seconds. That will force the module to send out the temperature periodically, the same behaviour as VelbusLink.

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