Automatically switch on orientation lights


Is it possible to configure orientations lights (on my stairs) to automatically turn on when the sun is going down or when the night falls?
And then in the morning to automatically switch them back off?

Yes. Right-click on an input module (VMBxPBx, VMBGPxxx, …) > Configure Modules > Program steps.
You can activate program steps at a fixed time, but also at sunrise and sunset. (Make sure sunrise/sunset are enabled in the tab “sunrise/sunset” next to the tab “program steps”).

I tried this, but without success at the moment.

So i am at program steps. Then I add a program step: channel=button 2 (which controls the specific lights) -> 0.25 sec
Button 2 is programmed on/off.

I have added a fixed time, so I presume the switch will be ticked on when the exact time has been reached? But it doesn’t do anything.
Surely i’m doing something wrong, but can’t figure it out ( again :wink: )…

Have you set “Active program” to “Program 1” (or whatever program you used)?
It’s between the “edit” and the “delete” buttons in the “program steps” tab. Make sure you are connected, otherwise the option doesn’t show up.

yes, active program was selected, but still not functioning…

Have you checked the time on the bus? You can set it with the button “Update” in Velbuslink (it writes the computer time on the bus).

Allready tried this, still not working…

It worked. Apparantly the action only starts at the 39th second of the fixed moment . Dont know why, but al least now i know.
Maybe the update had to do something with it, but i was pretty sure i allready checked that.