Backup and Restore with Velbus SW 4.3

Hi all.

I have programmed my Velbus network, then I have done the backup of all devices. Then Ii have erased the memory of all devices and finally I have restored the configuration.
Conclusion: nothing has been restored.
Maybe I have done something wrong, so I have tried again the restore. Still nothing happens.
Last check I have verified all the .mod files and they only contain a list of “…ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ…”.
Can somebody explain what has happened?

Thanks a lot.



The sequence of ÿ may indicate that your backup has failed and you have only produced blank memory images. This might be a beta-bug, and i’ll look info it asap.

Are you sure communication between your pc and the velbus network is ok? I’m asking this because the only way you can get blank images would be if your modules are not responding to requests.

I’m putting a new version online that should temporarily fix this issue. Please download the new version from our downloads section on

Make sure your version number is

Nothing to do with the VMB4RY (not tested yet the others).
The commit status bar stops after more or less 30% of download, but datatransfer is still in progres (all velbus leds are blinking). Then there is the verification of the memory and status bar still stops at 30%, with reading in progres. Then there is a verification error.

Configuration of module anywway works.

Waiting for feedback.



Some test results: backup and restore seem working fine for WMB1RY, WMB6IN, VMB6PB, VMB2BL.
It does not work with VMB4RY.
From memory editor window, choosing to configure from file, there is always the same error as before, but configuration can be restored.
It seems a problem specific only for VMB4RY.



Thank you for your feedback! We’ve located the source of the problem. A new version (4.4) will be released early this afternoon (around 1pm).

The problem occured for modules with a memory size of more than 256 bytes. That’s why you experienced problems with the VMB4RY, which has about 1024 bytes of memory.

I apologize for any inconvenience.

We hope to improve the backup/restore process even more towards version 5 of the software.

Download it here