Basic questions about Velbus

I want to implement some Velbus items to my new electricity system. At first I want to state that I don’t have a technical background, and that’s why I want to ask some basic questions here :blush: . My system will consist of a traditional system and some domotics. I looked at some of the Velleman-manuals and I understand the drawings to a certain degree. So basically: If I want to implement for instance the VMB1BL (shutters) what would be the routing of cables from the circuit breaker to all the items? From the manual and some interpretations, this is what I understand:

cable 230 V : circuit breaker in the consumer unit in the hall – Domotics cupboard (with the modules, i.e. power supply, VMB1BL),
cable 230 V : other circuit breaker in the consumer unit in the hall – junction box in the living room-- shutter motor
cable 230 V: VMB1BL – shutter motor
Velbus cable: Power supply module – VMB1BL (where is that cable coming from, and eventually where is it going to ?)
some cable (3 threads: in the drawing black, purple, green): push-buttons in the living room – VMB1BL (what sort of cable is this ?)

When I understand what is going where with what, then I know how to plan my project and then I will find a technical person to help me with this project.

As a matter of fact you go from your circuit breaker to your domotics cupboard (VMB1BL). From here (VMB1BL) you go with your 230V (3-wires because of right and left turning) to your blinds motor.

1 of these 3 wires: circuit breaker <==> blinds motor
second and third: VMB1BL <==> blinds motor (needed for both turning directions)

The colored wires on the drawing (push buttons living room) are only needed if you want to control your blinds without using the bus. If you use the bus, you don’t have to connect this cable.

The velbus cable is a simple UTP (or even better EIB) cable with 4 wires inside. 2 for the power supply and 2 for the data.
Each module its power must be connected to the power supply (eg VMBTR1 + VMB3PS) and if you use the bus, each module its data must also be connected. This bus cable (with power supply and data) can be used everywhere in the house for connecting other Velbus devices.

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In the drawings in the Velbusfolders with the 2 examples I see that you connected the transformator to a 10A circuitbreaker, and on the other end you use a 16A circuitbreaker. At home I have 16A circuitbreakers. Is the 10A circuitbreaker in relation to the transformator mandatory, is it there for special reasons or could I just use a 16A on the line were the transformator is ?