Baud Rate on the BUS

Hi, I’m trying to right on the BUS of Velbus via RS232 and I’m sending at 9600bps. Is this baud rate correct?


Bruno Magalhaes

Please note that the Velbus is a CAN-bus, not RS232.
In case you refer to the serial interface, the baudrate is 38400

The Baud Rate I’m asking is the RS232 port one. Do I need to set up my RS232 at 38400??
For instance, I’m sending >> OF,F8,00,02,02,01,F4,04 through my com port in order to turn ON the relay of my VMB1RY (channel 00) and I can see the LED2 RX blink but nothing else happens!
What is exactly the string that must come out of the com port? In Hex ou ASCII?

Tks, Bruno Magalhaes

Baud Rate 38400
No Parity
One Stop Bit
Eight Data Bits

If you want to know what your packet should look like, try installing the VelbusLink application and examine the packets in the Traffic Log window when you operate something.

Data is sent raw, not in ASCII. So your “0F,F8,00,02,02,01,F4,04” is actually a packet of 8 bytes started by 0Fh (15 in decimal), etc.

Just ask if you need more info