Booster (on cooling) working on POD not on Edge


I found out that on my edge modules - the booster channel works in Cooling mode but on the EdgeLit panels booster mode is NOT activated when the temperature difference is set (for booster mode).

which I think is a bit tricky in double systems (when you have cooling + heating)… as in heating mode you would connect the booster channel to W2 of your heating system - in cooling mode to Y2 of your AC… so let’s say you connect it to your heater - you would initiate your heater when your temperature is +3C and the AC is blowing… … anyway… perhaps we can make a heater-booster and cooling-booster channel? (staying in line with Y2 and W2 in regular thermostats)

the POD module setting

and result when setting temp very low:

compared to the VMBELO

the VMBELO NOT activating the booster channel

this is what it looks like on a NEST for example (and many many many other thermostats)

obviously we don’t need the Rc and C connections as switching will be done via the RYLD/RYNOs

We’ve checked it here, and it seems to be true. The booster channel is only active if heating.
We’re looking for a solution to why this was working in our glasspanels and why this was changed with the edgelit series.

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