Bug in Velbuslink V.9.1: VMB1TS has being cloned

I’ve updated the modules in my home and the existing VMB1TS was out of all functions and a new VMB1TS with address FF was formed.
In the logging screen the original VMB1TS (44) sends his temperature, but it doesn’t appear in the left screen:

Hello boys and girls of Velbus! I get no response from you? That VMN1TS is no longer functional! The VMB1TC gets the information from the VMB1TS, but cannot send any commands. When attempting to load the factory settings, this is denied.

I do not understand that there is no response coming from the Velbus team: version 9.1 must be corrected immediately or be removed from the site. Each additional user makes his VMB1TS ruined!

I will try to get our sales representative to contact you by phone asap so we can fix this problem for you. You will not be able to fix it yourself through any version of VelbusLink.

Apologies for the delay but we did not fully understand your problem until now.