Cancel forced on with NC contacts


i’m using a cancel forced on button on a normal closed contact VMB4YRLD,
normal operation of this is momentarely connected to a pir sensor (via vmb6in)

But when i hit the cancel forced on button, the lights switch on, until the vmb6in operates the output. (so on/of)

any idea how to fix this?

Sorry, we have difficulties understanding your problem.
Please elaborate.


i have an output of the vmb4yrld relay set as normal closed, its configured to be operated by a channel on the vmb6in.

In the morning when we wake up i hit a button to activate a ‘forced on’ on that output channel, because its a normal closed contact this means the output is disabled until it receives a ‘cancel forced on’ command.

So when i hit the pushbutton with the ‘cancel forced on’, the forced on is canceled, and the relay switches off (means on in a normal closed scenario). At this point (when the cancel command is sent to the vmb4yrld) it is not evaluating the input state of the vmb6in module, so its always switching the output on, until the vmb6in sends a new state onto the bus.

I would expect it to evaluate the state of the input on a cancel command.

Sorry, this is a property of the firmware and cannot be changed.
A solution would be to use a normal contact instead of the inverted contact, use the inhibit-function instead of the forced-on function and use a virtual relay to invert the relay contact.


and how would i exactly do the inverting with the virtual relay? I tried it, but could not get it to work.