Can't see firmware updates in VelbusLink


I have three new VMB1BLS’es to control my shutters. In VelbusLink, now there’s a red exclamation mark, next to my project name, saying: "Firmware updates are available for one or more modules (see Tools > Firmware updates). The mudules currently have build number 1817. When I hover over the build number, I see “Firmware update recommended. Fixes issues with ‘On Delay’ parameter in actions. In the menubar, select Tools > Firmware updates.”

However, when I go to Tools > Firmware updates. I don’t see any modules to select. See screenshot below. I’m using VelbusLink 10.6.5, but I also had this issue with 10.4.X

Any idea how I can start the update?

Kind regards,


Hello Kristof

Unfortunately it is not possible to upgrade build 1817 of VMB1BLS.
VelbusLink should not show an exclamation mark for these modules, we’ll get that fixed. Sorry for the confusion!

Kind regards