I have 2 questions.
1-Can someone provide information on the external I/O connector (DB9) at the back of the DVR4L5 recorder.
In the manual i can only find that there are 4 alarm inputs and 1 alarm output, but no pin-layout, and no info about voltage levels and so on.
2-How can i view the video-output that is send tot a FTP-server in case of a motion detection.
When i open the file received by the ftp-server (Motion_yyyymmddhhmmss.htm), a new internet explorer window called ‘Trigger Page’ opens. After providing username and password info and i click ‘open’, there is a ‘File Save’ popup asking for a ‘yyyymmdd_hhmmss_chanel_seq.avc’ file. Any idee where to find this?


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