Central heating module


I’m looking for a lightweight domotica system in my house that is currently being built. I read on another forum (forum.loveno.be/showthread.php?t=24582&page=2) that Velleman intended to produce a central heating module, however at the Velleman site I do not see anything suggesting this.
Being a .NET specialist and a domotica supporter, I’m very interested in the possibilities and the ease of use (and the price) of the VelBus, and I’m thinking of developing my own software around it. Some friends who are going to build will probably follow this path. However the presence of a heating control module will be the most important factor whether or not to go for the VelBus.
Is there someone @ Velleman who can provide me with some information?


At this time, temperature sensors and thermostat modules are being developed and tested. Specs and release date have not been determined yet. We do understand that heating control is an essential part of a home automation system, so we will make it available asap. For pricing, please turn to a Velleman distributor.

We’re also looking at creating a TCP/IP module which will make development in .NET a lot easier in the future. Simply add this module to your network and connect to it with your sofware.

This is still in its research stage though.

Okay Thanks!

Since I intend to use a dedicated pc for bus control, using usb instead of tcpip is no issue for me currently.
I would also try to use that pc for heating control based on a calendar system I have, although this will depend on what You’re delivering as module of course.

The thermostate module will be able to be configured according to date/time so I don’t think you’ll need any calendar software. Still it’s fun to make though :slight_smile:


the idea comes from the fact that we currently have a very good thermostate, in which we both put our week calendar (good detail is possible) and this feature is one I do never want to miss anymore.
Does your module have a calendar on weekly basis or are more complex options possible?

Hi Vel448,

Any more news regarding the thermostate module? any specs you can make public? dates ?



We can only reveal specs when the unit is free for production.
At this time, a date has not been set yet.