Central Heating System with VMB1TC, VMB1TS, zoneverwarming

Hi Team,

Right in time for the “Batibouw 2009” :wink: you published the final price & product availability.
I’m happy the equipment is available before we buy our CV boiler.

However I do have some question to integrate this as good as possible.
The plan is to use ‘zone-heating’ setup with different sensors & temperatures in each room of our house.

However to make this work, we need:

  1. Control a on/off based electric valve… I assume “water-temperature based” is not possible?
    (or in combination with the dimmer?)
  2. Control the central water pump when the ventiel is open. (delay calculated?)
    (just by power on/off the pomp?) – Which pump can be used for this?

I believe it’s not possible to sent the “inhouse” temperature to the central heater to adapt the boiler temperature? Only a outdoor sensor connected to the heater can influence the heating curve?!
(optize gas condensing boiler )

  • Are their any integrations planned with any type of heating system factory?
    Fi Viessmann has a “data-interface” – Vitogate 200 Domotica (type EIB) for datetraffic with KNX/EIB-system

  • It would be cool if we could also monitor incomming and outgoing temperatures of the boiler.
    Temperature sensor for the waterpipes are not planned I suppose.
    (This would be usefull for integration with CV fireplace (built-in fireplace) but … the room temperature sensors do the same a with minor delay/resistiviness.

If would be perfect if we could control the heater temperature from the Velbus USB interface or directly from the VMB1TC module.

  • When can we expect an update from the Velbus Serial Communications Library for .NET to support these new modules?

In general, what heating system do we need to buy to work seamlessly together with your temperature controller?
We plan to use ground heating at 16° combined with additional radiators using zone heating with VMB1TC.

Our heating system controls on/off based electric valves to supply radiators. There is also the possibility to control the pump if at least one valve is open.
If one or more rooms needs the day or comfort temperature a contact is available for switching the central heater from night to day mode.
The temperature sensors are only for measuring the room temperature but not water or boiler temperature.
With the temperaturecontroller VMB1TC you can monitor and control the temperature of all rooms. You can also combine different sensors into zones and apply a program to it.
A data interface to the central heater isn’t available.
It’s better to use the controller of the central heater for the boiler and outdoor sensor heating curve correction.


My solution to heating my home is to write a program in visual basic that reads the temperature of a vmb1ts and via a pidcontrol program regulating a tension between 0 and 10V. The 0 to 10V interface drives a 3 or 4way valve so to control the outlet temperature of the heater. So it would be wonderful if velleman gives us a 0 to 10V module. If not than i must invent it by myself.

i did it with the k8061 and the K8067 the programmaticly connected to the velbus

can u send me some more info about you’re central heating system.
contact me at jeroen(undersc)de(undersc)schepper(apestrt)hotmail(pntje)com (since pm isn’t available here)

lookin’ forward to it, you’ll be surprised

hoi manu,

my name is steven. I love to see your solution. Can you send me something by mail on israel_steven@hotmail.com
Do you know someone who has wrtten a PID-program in visual basic?



I have exactly the same heating situation (i like to control the flow through my woodstove to heat a boiler) and i’m also looking for a 2 way link between velbus and the k8061. Years ago i graduated in IT and was able to program in Cobol, Pascal, Visual Basic etc. but that is years ago so it would be great if someone would share his software so i dont have to reinvent the wheel…

Hi All,

Meanwhile we completed our building project and have succesfully implemented the Velbus solution.
Although still in Phase1 - basic functionality … we added potention functionality with a touchscreen medion windows PC and succesfully tested status & light control (no time for full program yet, but working on SVG webportal for control over PCs/androids/internet tablets/…

Anyway for the heating we currently have ONLY valves controls in use to arrange our radiator temperature and it’s working perfect.
The central heater is programmed in day/night shift with outdoor sensor (default installation) and for the moment it’s ok like this.
For Phase 2 - hopefully in the next months … we will add “boost function / manual overwrite of central heater”

We purchased a Viesmann system with an H1 extention kit for external pomp & boost & alarm signals.
It’s working on the Viesmann dedicated bus and can be interconnected with Velbus using the relay contacts.
(it’s also not very expensive compared to the Vitogate 200 Domotica interface) and works very simple.
Current problem we have is to get our installer configure the H1 for the inputs :wink: … Sanitary workers & domotica is a bad combination.
Anyway, we have our required temperature in each room and this extra feature is just optimization to lower boiler temparature except when boosting …(not sure if we will save lots of gas money for this optimazation)

The H1 extention also supports 0-10V boiler arrangements to further arrange “stooklijn” but I really don’t think this will make a lot of difference as the system is equipped with outdoor sensor. But it’s future proof in case Velbus would integrate a 0-10V solution with the heating solution.