Centrale verwarming

kan iemand me helpen aan meer informatie hoe je elke radiator apart kan sturen ?
niet alleen de velbus benodigdheden maar alsook de CV benodigdheden ?
word er met magneetventielen gewerk op de cpllecteur of hoe gaat dit in zijn werk ?

alvast bedankt

Hallo, ik ben blij om te helpen met dit, als je het niet erg vindt het posten van de vraag in het Engels forum. Beste wensen uit Engeland.

Hello, I am happy to help with this, if you don’t mind posting the question in the English forum. Best wishes from England.

How would i need to program the heating system in Velbus correctly?
What i mean is the following:

I have in total 4 collectors, 2 for floor heating and 2 for radiators.
Floor heating consists of 13 kringen en the other one of 9 kringen
The radiator collector has 4 and 2 kringen.

All these collectors are connected with an electronic ventiel to vmb4ryld, so a total of 28 connections.

The living has for example 6 kringen of floor heating, bathroom 2, etc…
How do we make the programmation of the heatings?
To start off, we use the switches as thermostaat, so I have named all the switches in the different rooms accordingly.
The swith in the living is called living
Switch in the bathroom is called bathroom etc…
Also, all electronic ventiel who are in the vmb4ryld have a name, 6 are called ‘living’ because they are in the living, 2 are called bathroom, and so on…

Is it correct that we just open up the ventiel in velbuslink and connect it to the switch on which we would like to adjust temperature and so on?

Heating and Cooling Guide (wordpress.com)

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As RCZ says, check out his wordpress guide.

Unless you ever need to isolate a loop of pipe, you can connect multiple Zone Valves (Ventiel) to the same output of a VMB4RYLD,

Meaning 1 channel of a VMB4RYLD for each Thermostat in a zone.

Create an (0104) action {Link to Dutch explanation} between the Heater channel of the Thermostat and the channel of the VMB4RYLD for that zone.

Nothing more complicated than that.

I will be making a video for heating control (maybe tomorrow if the artistic urge takes me), this might help you.