Combining light with doorbell

Hello again,

I don’t know if the following is possible:

I have installed my doorbell on a VMB4RYNO relais. The light at my entrance is connected to a VMB4RYLD relais.
Is there a possibility when someone triggers my doorbell (in that case that relais is triggered), my light from my entrance will switch on automically?

Ideally this automatic light switch will only work when it is dark outside, so when the sun has gone down - i know the velbus system has a timer installed in the software which simulates sunset and Sunrise… is this programmable?

On the other hand, it still has to be possible to switch the light of the entrance via a regular touch panel.

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That’s completely possible.

The hallway light in my house comes on 10 seconds after my doorbell starts, then automatically goes off 5 minutes later.

It’s really easy to do, all you need to add is an action to “delay on” your hallway lights from the same button as your doorbell.
Changing the duration from continuous to the time frame of your choice.

I’ve also setup a long press action on my doorbell to turn the lights on for 5 minutes, without sounding the bell
Just so that I can see what I’m doing at night.

If you want to only have the light on at night, that is a little harder, if you don’t simply want to lock out / disable the hallway light during daylight hours.

One option would be to use the doorbell button to trigger an action on a virtual relay channel, then set a momentary action between the virtual relay and your hallway light.

Then lock out / disable the virtual relay during day light hours with a timer in any input module.

That way, your light will always respond to your normal programming.

Let us all know how you get on, especially if you come up with another solution.

Thx for the helpful tip!

Could you give me a guide how to disable the virtual relay during day light hours?
I am stuck with that last step

Update: never mind: i managed to work it out! Superb tip with the virtual relay,thanks very much

Sorry I missed your post.

I’m glad you worked out how to disable the relay channel.

Did you use the sunset / sunrise feature?
Or a set time?



Stuart, sorry i never saw your post.

i set the timer via sunrise/sunset feature, that works fine for me

Hello Anthony

Now that the summer sun is setting earlier, is your programming working how you wanted it to?

(It should be)

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Is that a good thing?

Or a bad thing?


Good luck