Command delays

Not yet owner of any Velbus module, but very interested, I wonder what delay I have to expect between a message sent from the PC and the reaction of, for instance, the dimmer.

Do I have to expect same delays as X10 (at least 1sec between command and reaction) or is it instantaneous ?

Is that delay (or instantaneous reaction) the same for any module ? (PC->Relay, PC->Dimmer, Input module->PC, …)

Thank you


The answer usually comes back after less than 20ms (0.020 sec).
click here for a sample log

But, keep in mind that you need to respect about 50ms between each outgoing packet (pc->module) to avoid overloading the module with packets. This does not affect the time it takes to get a response, therefore it takes 50 ms to send+receive a packet.

I think all modules are equally responsive; anyways, anything around 20ms is still instantaneous :slight_smile: thank god, I’d go bananas if it would take 1 second per packet :slight_smile: