Connect to a his

I have a his server (Stijnen soltutions)
One is able to comm with the server via the velbus link over tcp to the usb connection of the velbus.
Is it possible to comm with this server via a small program for instance on a raspberry that takes in some analogue signals and pilots a 4DC 1-10V output and that sends a value to a glass panel.


The short answer is no :frowning:

Home Centre requires a bespoke set of credentials to permit access.

Your only real option is a tiny SBC like a Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, ODroid or Windows machine running a small USB to IP server, with its own USB connection to your Velbus network.


VelServ on a Linux machine

JVelbusD in a Java environment

Or PBServer on Windows.

All of these options are detailed on this forum :slight_smile:

If you need a ready made unit, I can send one to you.

(I can send you the URL to a running unit if you wish to see if it suits your needs)

Good luck,


Hi Stuart,

Could you send me the URL so I can check it out ??

I’ve messaged you with the IP and port number

if you could message me a link to check
that would be nice.