Connecting non-Velbus sensors to VMB7IN

I would like to attach some legacy presence/light sensors, which have a 230V output. I would use something different, but that’s apparently not an easy task if you want to integrate with existing plates (in my case Gewiss Chorus line).

The document at references a “Contactor” module to be used between the legacy component and the VMB7IN. Is that a generic term, or some Velleman product? Can you point me to a recommended solution to attach 4 independent legacy inputs?


The VMB7IN has potential free inputs, it can’t handle mains voltage as an input.
This is where the contactor comes in: it converts the 230V output of your sensor to a potential-free on/off switch.
One example of a contactor can be found here, but anything that converts your voltage output to a voltage-free switch will do…


I use a good number of these for just this kind of situations.
(Or their 12v coil variants)

At £3.50 each with very easily replaceable relays :slight_smile:$(KGrHqF,!hkE3v(69UT+BON-uUSye!~~0_1.JPG

Thanks to both VEL345 and MDAR!