Connecting to Velbuslink


I normally connect my velbuslink via usb cable to my portable. Its easier for me to work with my desktop pc, so i wanted to connect via the homecenter possibility (i have the vmbhis module, so thats fine).
When I connect in Velbuslink there are red crosses over every module. When I try to ‘scan’, the problem isn’t fixed, the scan is done in about 0.5 seconds.
When I try to ‘read’, I receive an error: synchronization failed.
Any idea what I do wrong?

When in Velbuslink you press “Connect”, then select “Connect to Home Center Server” and click on “next”, you get “Home Center server details”. To the right there’s a button “Search”. When you click on “Search”, and then “refresh”, what do you see? Can you see the IP address of your VMBHIS? (don’t forget to refresh first).

If in a webbrowser you type in the IP address of your Home Center, can you login?

I think you probably need to wait longer on every step. You are probably scanning and synchronizing while other things are still queued in HomeCenter (VMBHIS is still starting up, module statuses are still being retrieved, …). The logging window can give you a hint on how busy the bus is.

Thanks a lot! It was indeed a problem with the IP address. Thanks to your info I managed to input the right IP address.