Connecting Velbuslink with RPI4 running homeassistant

Hi Guys,

My VMB1USB is connected to an Raspberry PI4 with HomeAssisant software on.
Now, I would like to connect Velbuslink wireless with the homeassisant-server.

Connecting with server seems to be ok.
All devices are marked in red.

But when I scan al the devices, i lost the connection.

Somebody knows how to solve this problem?
In this link you can find a video:

Thanks in advance.

Just to ask

Which port is your Velbus server running on?

As far as I know, port 8123 is the web port for HomeAssistant

(Also, which Velbus TCP server are you using?)


How can i find this?
For the moment is Velbus not running on a server, only on HomeAssistant.
Before I used Velbuslink with the USB-port to my VMB1USB.


There you have it in one :+1:

If HomeAssistant is talking directly to the USB device, then you can’t tap into that connection for anything else.

An option is to remove / disable HomeAssistant from locking onto the /dev/ttyNNNN port and to load a TCP Server application on your PI
(Like VelServ Topic or Velbus-TCP Topic)

And get home assistant to make an internal / loopback connection to that Server app.

When you have that running, talking to the TCP server from anything else (at the same time) is very easy.

I’m not a homeAssistant user, but what I can read is that your YAML file needs to be edited so that the Velbus connection becomes something like


(Depending on which TCP server you use and how you set it up)

I have some installation scripts for VelServ and Velbus-TCP you can download and use if you want.

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be aware that with Home Assistant and VelServ on the same box - you will need to first disable the USB Velbus integration - then install VelServ, then configure the connection matrix… (do not add the Velbus modules in the USB configuration… just disable it as soon as it finds the USB)

else Home Assistant will start earlier and take the USB - and snap cant find it anymore…

you will need to clear the cache also (but that is a function in the velbus integration)

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