Consumption difference between VMBTR1 ans VMBSMPS?

Hi Velbus team,

today, I’ve a strange question : about power consumption, is there any difference between VMB1TR (50VA) and VMBSMPS (60VA). I’ve seen the power difference but, is the efficiency better ?


VMBSMPS is (and has been for several years now) the only power supply we have in our product range. Where did you find VMB1TR?

Easy : I’m a 2009 customer :sweat_smile:
I’ve about 12xVMB4RY, 12xVMB4PD, 8xVMB1DM, 11xVMB1TS (which reference has disappear from your website, why?)
and 2xVMB1TR + 2xVMB3PS : are you too young Velbus technician to know these products ?

And just imagine, if I want to update my old VMB4RY, how expensive it would be for me… :shushing_face:

By the way, I’ve 4xVMBIRTS remote control that are very hard to use and battery short time… :roll_eyes: not your best products, for sure :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I know the products but I was wondering why you would ask about the advantages or disadvantages of a product that is obsolete and can normally no longer be purchased :slight_smile:

The VMB1TS will no longer be produced, there’s very little demand for it and glass modules can do the same (and better). But in case of necessity you can still obtain one from the remaining stock.

Thanks a lot for your answer (VMB1TS). :slightly_smiling_face:
My question about consumption is because I’m tracking (hunting) energy consummers equipments: I wondering if replacing VMB1TR+VMB3PS by VMBSMPS could reduce the energy consumption… :thinking:

The VMBSMPS has an efficiency of 83%.
We don’t have data at hand on the efficiency of the VMBTR1 + VMB3PS combination, but the difference with the VMBSMPS probably isn’t that big, so replacing them isn’t probably worth it.

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