Controlling a VMB4DC with a colorwheel remote


I’m trying to find a solution to control a VMB4DC using a colorwheel remote like the one here: … -2806.html

The goal is to be able to control a RGB led strip using wall switches for on/off and basic preprogrammed atmospheres
and using a colorwheel remote to have full color control and the ability to have the colors continuously changing.

Since i’m a .net developer i could easily achieve this using a computer and a 4 channel USB voltmeter like this one:

But I think this solution is too cumbersome, that’s why i’m asking here if anyone has another idea on how to achieve this?
Preferably without the use of a computer :slight_smile:

A few months ago I had the same idea and did also some experimenting with a (chinese) rf remote. But since the remote was in lone, I didn’t had the time to create something working. The goal was to create a linux script running at my server with the same fuctions as you discribed.
I used an rf433Mhz receiver (+/- 2€) connected to the serial port. If I can remeber, thze irman remote control software supports the recognition of rf remotes but of course not those. When you do a little search on the net, you’ll find other libs which support for ex the kliko remots (klik-aan klik-uit).
If you’ll have a chance to order the remote in your link, I’m always interrested to order one too.

I don’t think you can make a color wheel remote work without it’s matching receiver.
Some functionality, such as the “play” mode (which slowly cycles through all colors), is programmed in the receiver.
So trying to pick up the RF signal would eliminate those functions.

I’m sure it can’t be done using any devices listed on the site. But since the velbus protocol is open-source i was wondering if there are other devices on the market that may support this functionality?