Controlling RGB Leds with a PLC (with VMBRGBDC ?)


I’d like to control a RGB-LED stripe using a PLC (Siemens s7) for an industrial application and Im looking for a suitable controller.
What I need is the following:

*] The LED stip has to show at least 4 colors (max 6. colors), which will be triggered by the plc according to the machine status.
*] The PLC has enough outputs, both digital and analog (0-10v).
*] Dimming would be nice but not absolutely necessary

and I think that the VMBRGBDC might be the right one. Sadly the available dokumentaion is rather poor. As far as I understood it has 3 analog inputs for selecting the LED color. What I don’t get is:

Is the VMBRGBDC the right controller for the application?
Do I need a VELBUS to control it or is this only an option?
How do I dimm the LEDs?
Do you have more extensive dokumentation

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You don’t need any other Velbus device to control the VMBRGBDC, it will work with any 0-10V controller to dim the LED strip. Be sure to have 0V (not 0,10v!) to switch off the output or use a relay to switch off the LED supply input.

Thank you for your reply. Just to be sure…

Each input of the VMBRGBDC will control only one color of the RBG-Strip. Example if I set +10v in the R input, the LED strip will lighten RED with full intensity. The different colors are created though mixing the inputs. There are no preset modes that are triggered. is this correct?
Now, the analog output of the Siemens PLC delivers X-Volts @ 12mA (max). Is this current enough to trigger the VMBRGBDC controller?

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PS: where can I download technical dokumentation prior to purchase?

Correct. (Preset modes can be configured in Velbuslink of course, if you have a Velbus installation).

The VMBRGBDC has 0-10V inputs with an input impedance of 100k. This means a current of 0.1mA at 10V.
The PLC can deliver 12mA, so no problem at all.

Documentation can be found on the downloads page of