Controlling sun blinds or light depending on light outside

I want to control the opening or partly closing of my sunblinds at this time controlled with the timer module VMB4PD connected to VMB1BL and VMB2BL modules. What I really want is that the blinds go down partly whenever the amount of light is above a certain threshold ( in the afternoon) but still stay open a little bit to not completely darken the interior. At this time my sun blinds go down too early in the evening (still clear enough outside) and it is annoying to often update the timer schedule.
Therefore such an intelligent multi channel light module could be handy. It could move down the blinds based on the amount of light. In the morning the ‘light module’ could trigger the blinds to open whenever a threshold of light is triggered. Is something (a smart low voltage PIR detector) being developed or engineered at this time? I’m not sure how many channels this module should have to be able to do all this things seperately without any possible interference. Having something like a sensor (Velbus powered) mountable on a wall outdoors and connected via bus to a smart module DIN RAIL mountable close to the other VelBus modules would be great! :slight_smile: